The creation of an Opportunity Zone Investment Prospectus has drawn on the work and expertise of many people.

First, and foremost, we owe Jeremy Nowak an incalculable debt of gratitude. Jeremy was a friend, mentor and fellow traveler and a constant source of inspiration, imagination and agitation. He was present at the creation of the Investment Prospectus and his handiwork, in measures large and small, can be seen throughout. The Investment Prospectus represents his unyielding confidence that market tools could mobilize capital for disadvantaged communities and people, a vision that is at the heart of the Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University. Working with Jeremy was the joy of our professional lives.

Our colleagues at the Accelerator for America—Eric Garcetti, Rick Jacobs, Yoomee Ha and Aaron Thomas—have been exceptional partners. They are truly first movers on Opportunity Zones, recognizing that this federal tax incentive could be a vehicle for connecting capital and community and that the incentive’s success or failure depends on cities taking and scaling action.

Our colleagues at the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation have been a key part of the process. We thank Ryan Debold for his strategic guidance and creative design, Michael Greenle for his sharp editing and Danielle Swan and Mary Tredway for keeping the trains running on time. We also thank John Fry and Harris Steinberg for their unwavering commitment to the Nowak Metro Finance Lab.

Roni Lagin was responsible for the original design of the Investment Prospectus; we thank him for his remarkable ability to communicate complex ideas in clear and compelling ways.

Five exceptional mayors—Joe Schember in Erie, Greg Fischer in Louisville, David Holt in Oklahoma City, Pete Buttigieg in South Bend and Michael Tubbs in Stockton—gave us their time and insight and helped organize public, private and civic leaders (usually with little notice) to sharpen our thinking and amplify local expertise. They are true leaders at a time when the country is desperate for leadership.

Mayors excel when they build great teams, within and outside government. To that end, we want to thank John Persinger, Matt Wachter and Brett Wiler in Erie, Eric Burnette, Katie Dailinger and Mary Ellen Wiederwohl in Louisville, Steve Hill and Cathy O’Connor in Oklahoma City, Brian Donoghue, Scott Ford, Suzanna Fritzberg and James Mueller in South Bend and Micah Runner in Stockton.

The invention and deployment of the Investment Prospectus, in short, has been a team effort. We look forward to working with individuals across the country to maximize the impact of this tool.