Creating the Investment Prospectus for your City (2)

Section 2: The Purpose of the Urban Investment Prospectus

This short section should articulate to the potential investor the purpose of the Investment Prospectus, in addition to outlining the elements it contains. At a minimum, an Investment Prospectus should do the following:

  • Help cities market their Opportunity Zones to local, regional, and national investors
  • Help cities organize their assets to have maximum economic and social impact
  • Help cities organize stakeholders around a unified vision of inclusive growth

While the individual sections of the Investment Prospectus may vary from city to city, the Prospectus should generally include information about the following features of your municipality:

  • Growth: Set the economic context for the city and the metropolis, identifying the key drivers and assets using quantitative and qualitative data
  • Capital Demand: Identify investable projects and propositions within each Opportunity Zone
  • Inclusion: Identify investment opportunities for projects that focus on building human capital, job connections¬†and wealth creation
  • Placemaking: Acknowledge the essential features projects must have to seamlessly fit into their spatial and social contexts, and identify ways that these projects can contribute to building a better public realm
  • Institutional Capacity: Make recommendations on institution-building options to expedite growth and inclusion

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